Douching, precautions and proper hygiene


Shower or douching is a remedy used very old and grandmother but has been found to be done properly and with caution.

What is a douche?

Douching is cleaning the internal parts of the intimate area of women who are more exposed to infections to be more accessible than the male. It is therefore essential to maintain proper hygiene to also prevent odors that may be the remains of menstruation.

Specifically it means a typical home douching method is a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the inside of the female reproductive system.

In the market, it is in supermarkets and comes in a bottle with an application system that allows introducing the mixture into the vagina. This commercial product can be made with homemade formula or some fragrance and disinfectant.

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Effectiveness of douching

The use of vaginal washing or douching, by the above means, is widespread and, as mentioned, proper hygiene of the genitals of women is important.

The feeling of odor removal is the only benefit you get from these genital bathrooms, which is also achieved with proper hygiene.

But so deep wash areas can be ineffective and even counterproductive to the point of getting the opposite results to those desired.

So this system, although its use is very old, was justified in his time, when there was no better means to combat recurrent vaginal infections.

Why are negative douching?

Douches are counterproductive and negative or not because cleaning with vinegar, which supposedly serves to restore the acidity of the vagina, on the contrary damage the vaginal flora.

Research on the subject has shown that after every shower genital flora takes 72 hours to recover, so that disrupts the cleaning system and natural disinfection of the area.

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When we resort to other products sold with bactericidal compounds, such as those based on povidone-iodine, they are even more destructive for bacterial flora.

Furthermore, the method facilitates the introduction of these commercial douching in the area may produce bacterial vaginosis. Causes even reaches the pelvis producing called pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancy because it damages the fallopian tubes. There are studies claiming that douching increase by 70% the chances of developing this disease.

Correct female genital hygiene

For correct intimate hygiene of women are not required washing or douching, simply with the following recommendations is enough:

  • Just use water with a little soap and to know what the PH best you will ask your gynecologist, because if it is too much or too little acid can also cause irritation and itching.
  • Neither little nor very careful excess cleaning. Sometimes there is an obsession in some women not to smell, making them make the mistake of too toileting which also affects the natural defense system of the genitals.
  • When using local spermicides, better use recommended by the manufacturers of spermicidal products. Read the product information or ask your pharmacist, since conventional soaps eliminate the effectiveness of this method of contraception.

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