Six tips for looking great in a t shirt

The t shirt is quite rightly a classic piece for every gent’s wardrobe. No longer a forgotten undergarment, t shirts are now an outfit lynchpin, suitable for every occasion, from casual workdays to meeting up with friends. Follow these six tips to help you wear your t shirt with style.

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1. Get your fabric right

Choose a breathable material for your tee. Classic cotton is perfect, however linen and merino wool are breathable in warmer months and can add some extra texture to your outfit when paired with a smart shirt or shacket.

2. Avoid loud logos

Choose a simple design without big logos or graphics which distract from the rest of your outfit. A small logo on the breast is absolutely fine as long as the brand is iconic and well-made. Classic mens Ralph Lauren t shirts are ideal and an excellent staple for every wardrobe. Sites like EJ Menswear have a good selection.

3. To tuck or not to tuck

Most stylists recommend against tucking in your t shirt, however a small French tuck (where the front portion of the shirt is tucked lightly above the top button of your trousers) can help nip in your waist and break up your profile. This is particularly good for those on the shorter side.

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4. Make your t shirt a statement

The t shirt may be considered basic but when paired well it elevates your whole look. Pair a white t shirt with dark denim jeans for 1950s style cool. Alternately, add light chinos and loafers to a navy-blue t shirt for a sophisticated summery outfit.

5. Go for neutral and solid colours

Black, white, and grey t shirts can pair well with any colour combination. White t shirts especially complement most colours so are an ideal base for your outfit. In September, GQ even named a white t-shirt as one of the 30 essential items every man should have in his wardrobe.

6. Get a good fit

T shirts should be well fitted to your shape, neither baggy nor tight. The shoulder seam should align with your shoulder, and the sleeve should land about halfway down your upper arm. The bottom of the hem should also extend slightly below the waist.

Classic, simple and elegant, the t shirt remains one of the best wardrobe staples. Style it right and keep your t shirt game tight.

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