Latest fashion novelties – What to choose earrings

choose earrings

Latest fashion novelties – What to choose earrings. This is the right device for today’s lady. They are able to distinguish the color of the eyes and the shade of the skin, to sharpen the attention to the cervix, to convey the state of health and even express the public rank of their mistress.

At the same time, abnormally selected choose earrings can sharpen attention to the shortcomings of appearance. In addition, they know how to look inappropriate and deliberate, spoiling the general feeling of a lady, even if other components of her image are thought out ideally.

What to choose earrings

For the evening, long or massive earrings with natural or semiprecious boulders are suitable – such earrings are able to add charm and luxury to your level, besides, they are remarkably glistening in the evening light. However, remember that similar choose earrings will look too bright and inappropriate in the daylight. Read more: How to wear a scarf- Latest women fashion news

best choose earrings

If you like earrings in which there are pebbles, be zealous to choose them under the color of the eyes. Aventurines delightfully set off the dark blue eyes, and light purple amethysts are brown. The latest novelties of fashion – but remember that turquoise in the earrings is contraindicated for girls with pale gray or pale blue eyes: shaded by a shiny boulder, your eyes will appear liquid. Read more: Fashionable short haircuts of 2018-2019 – the best ideas and models!

the choose earrings

Do not forget to look at your age when choosing jewelry. Adult, impressive ladies should brace their own choice on classic choose earrings from precious metals. Even if you look younger than your own years and you are not averse to brave clothing experiments, you should not wear plastic jewelry, it is suitable only for adolescent girls.

Be careful that the choose earrings help highlight the superiority of your appearance. The latest novelties of fashion – thin earrings-chains will emphasize the unique neck, earrings of brilliant, catchy color will draw attention to the flawless skin of the face, and earrings of clear materials or with white boulders perfectly contrast with an even summer tan.

fashion novelties choose earrings

The thesis of contrast will play into your hands, therefore correctly choose the color of earrings, which contrasts with the color of your hair. Brunettes should not wear earrings of black flowers, but the shiny colors will look dyuzhe beautiful.

Do not get too cheap earrings, they know how to be made of a bad alloy, it will begin to oxidize in the ears, causing irritation, peeling or even an allergic reaction. The latest innovations of fashion – pay attention to choose earrings- they should be simple, firmly fastened, without injuring the lobe and skin behind the ear.

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