Tips to reduce calories in time to cook

reduce calories

Nowadays it is increasingly important to search for a healthier diet. This search is not just to help the weight loss process, but also to prevent disease.

Reducing any type of fat and calories on a daily basis at the time of cooking, it benefits the whole family and enables an increasingly healthy eating. This change can be gradually.

reduce calories
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Now these little tips you can eliminate some calories and put everyone at home in the form:

Oils and eggs

Reduce one tablespoon of oil that generally you put the food at the time of preparation and prefer coconut oil, canola or corn.
– When you make an omelet if you do not like just whites omelet, put the proportion of a gemstone for each two clear, thus reducing the cholesterol found in the yolk.

Flour and Pasta

– Replace the flour for whole wheat flour. The whole wheat flour is better for digestion.
– You can tarnish chickens, meat with mixed oatmeal with wheat bran instead of bread crumbs (that is bread) and bake in the oven instead of frying, is one delicious!
– Prefer the oat bran instead of oatmeal, the calories are smaller and quench more.
– Instead of eating pasta, try the zucchini noodles, just cut the zucchini into fillets and boil in water for about 1 minute, and a fresco…tomato sauce
– Prefer sweet potatoes rather than the normal in the preparation of gnocchi, purees and other income, the sweet potato has a low glycemic index and more satiates hunger.

Milk and dairy products

– Replace the sour cream for yogurt in recipes of sauces and even in recipe!
– Replace whole milk with skim milk.
– When you have a recipe with parmesan or cheddar cheese, replace with fresh cheese.
– When you make a broth or a cream, bring to the refrigerator, there will form a crust which is formed by accumulations of fat, so take it out for a clear broth or a lighter cream, but keeping the flavor and less fat.


– Make cakes and pastries chocolate with 100% cocoa without sugar. Cocoa brings great benefits to prevent diseases due to its antioxidant power.
– Sugar drinks with honey or sweetener stevia (which is natural).
– Prepare sweets with sweeteners own oven and hob.
– Or replace white sugar for brown sugar.


– Make your homemade burgers with lean meat, chicken or salmon, as well as tastier have no preservatives.


– Use broths with 0% fat.
– Prefer the sea salt or light.
– To not use salt, do the undercover salts: Just hit the blender: 1 tablespoon fresh basil tea, dried oregano and lemon zest.
– Use mustard instead of mayonnaise.
– Know the recipe for vegan mayonnaise and cottage cheese mayonnaise.

Sometimes small details go unnoticed, but they are significant…

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