Do yoga after a run: 5 good reasons


For several months, a component of our team practice yoga with satisfaction and excellent results. This ancient discipline, which many often confuse with a simple physical activity but which, in fact, involves the body and mind in order to relax muscles and thoughts, has come into his life by chance, as almost by chance the meeting took place with a person who has made yoga lifestyle. So as to have a passion for yoga dedicated to this way of living a website and a YouTube channel to spread this ancient and profound idea of well-being.

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Why do yoga after a run?

It is now impossible not know the word “yoga”. It will be happen to you to walk to the beach or a park and find yourself people sprawling. Therefore, even though maybe you are not an expert, you’ll know that yoga is an ancient discipline, and which provides, among other things, a series of exercises and positions, called asanas.

Yoga has been revisited and reinterpreted so many times now that it is difficult to give a definition or delimitation. There are many different variations of the discipline, which has been adapted many times to be more readily accepted in Western gyms. But this is something very positive: in any sauce is put, yoga can bring many physical and mental benefits.

So why not try it in other sauces? For example after a run!

If you have never practiced or practiced sports that include running a business, perhaps you will be surprised by this statement and you thought, “No, the coach said that after a race you have to do stretching”.

5 good reasons to do yoga after a run

At this point, I would say that you can just skip stretching and replace it with yoga.

Because? Here are 5 good reasons to do it …

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Procures the same benefits of stretching

Yoga is an excellent alternative to stretching because it allows you to get the same muscle benefits. Stretching, in fact, is so important as it helps to relax tense muscles and stiff after a run, preventing any pain which may arise as a result of the effort and, thanks to the increase in muscle flexibility, it can also prevent accidents and injuries.

It stimulates an inward and spiritual growth

The main purpose of yoga is to foster an inward and spiritual growth through concentration on your breath and sensations. This process of internalization brings mental benefits, which would not arise from a simple series of stretching exercises.

Completely relaxes the body and mind

Do yoga after a run you can “kill two birds with one stone”, especially if you have little time to devote to training. You have done the race and now you can take care of not only the muscles but also the mind relax completely.

It’s a nice alternative to stretching

Stretching is often boring and you do not really want to do it very much, especially if you exercise on your own, we forget and we run straight into the shower. So then, yoga may be a more fun and enjoyable alternative. And if you exercise on your own, you can always do yoga with me!

Improves flexibility

If practiced with constancy, yoga can improve our flexibility considerably and, in contrast to the stretching (which usually must be done immediately after exercise) the daily yoga session can also be made not immediately after the race and still preserve same benefits.

Who knows, maybe do yoga will like it so much that I always will accompany your running workouts, avoiding unpleasant consequences neglected to stretch!

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