How To Deal With Teeth Whitening Pain

Teeth whitening pain is one of the side effects that can appear when going through bleaching. Discomfort is normal after the procedure and mild pain can appear. However, some people are going to end up with some serious pain, normally because of gum irritation or due to tooth sensitivity. You can learn more about teeth whitening procedures, advantages, disadvantages and side effects at the following link: When referring to the teeth whitening pain that you can experience, here is what you will always need to be aware of.

Understanding Teeth Whitening Pain

For starters, you have to understand why the pain appears in the first place. In many cases it is because of tooth sensitivity. Such sensitivity is normally triggered by breathing, air that hits teeth or cold liquids. Sensitivity degree is normally moderate but it can be really painful. In some cases the pain appears right after whitening and it is possible to have it last for up to 48 hours. Only in some really rare cases you can end up having to deal with sensitivity that will last for a longer period of time.

Zingers and gum irritation will appear much less often. Even so, the pain and the discomfort that appear can be severe. Many patients do feel zingers right after going through the professional whitening procedure like with zoom teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening.


Tips To Help You Treat Teeth Whitening Pain

No matter why the pain appears, the great news is that there are many interesting things that can be done in order to limit, eliminate or completely avoid pain. What you will always have to do is consult the dentist. This should be done before the procedure is started since you want to be aware of absolutely all the potential side effects. Try to focus on information. In the event that teeth whitening pain appears, here are some tips that you do want to take into account:

  • Brush the teeth with toothpaste that includes fluoride before you go to the dentist to have the teeth bleached professionally. Alternatively, use good mouthwash that includes fluoride for some weeks before the procedure. That is important as fluoride can strengthen tooth outer enamel. There are dentists that will also tell you to take ibuprofen or similar medication after and before tooth whitening.
  • When using home teeth whitening remedies like trays or gels, do be sure that you limit the use at the initial stage. You want to test teeth and gums sensitivity.
  • Never use too much tooth whitening gel because it will lead to a lot more pain than necessary and tooth sensitivity can actually be caused. The whitener should be applied specifically according to manufacturer indications. Also, do not add where gums are receding.
  • When you know your teeth are sensitive, you have defective restorations or receding gums, talk with the dentist and tell him/her about the problems. That is important as the doctor can adjust bleaching gel amounts that are going to be used during the procedure. When you use the home solutions, focus on milder versions first.
  • When you finished the teeth whitening session, as you get home you want to use lukewarm water when brushing. Do avoid any extreme temperature in foods or liquids.

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