Four occasions when you might need a family lawyer

There are a number of occasions when you might need the advice of a family lawyer, such as divorce, nullity or judicial separation.

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Where children are involved, further advice may be required. If you are in a partnership involving cohabitation, a civil partnership or same-sex marriage, you may also need the services of a family lawyer.

When seeking advice, it is important to understand that a qualified solicitor will be a member of the Law Society and governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Let’s look at four issues you may need help with:

1. Divorce

This is the final step to end a marriage – if you have decided this is the route you want to take, you will need to file for divorce. A family law solicitor will help you in what can often be a lengthy and distressing process and will explain the complexities that surround the process. This is likely to involve some of the issues discussed below.

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2. Collaborative law

With the support of senior members of the Family Court, collaborative law has helped couples to secure a conflict-free end to their union and provide a better solution for themselves and any off-spring rather than becoming involved in acrimonious and lengthy court proceedings. It offers an opportunity for both parties and their solicitors to agree mutually acceptable terms without involving the litigation process.

3. Children

Parents involved in a relationship breakdown are often primarily concerned about the impact divorce may have on their children. There will often be custody issues and where a mutual agreement is not possible, a family law solicitor will be able to advise parties on matters such as a residence order, contact arrangements, or a prohibited steps order if there is a risk of a child being taken out of the jurisdiction area.

4. Financial arrangements

If you cannot agree on financial arrangements post-divorce, your family solicitor can help with negotiations or – in some circumstances – apply for a financial order from the court once you have begun proceedings but prior to applying for the final documentation to end the relationship.

If any of these issues affect you, you should seek advice from a family solicitor.

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