Do I really need wedding insurance?

We never like to imagine our wedding day could be marred by disaster, but it does happen occasionally. From a fire at the venue to torn wedding gowns and missing cakes, for such a tightly organised and choreographed event, there are actually a myriad of unfortunate things that can occur.  Insurance might seem like an additional expense you could cut out, but with the average wedding costing thousands, can you afford not to have insurance?

Wedding insurance is a policy that will cover you financially if something goes wrong with your big day, such as a cancellation or postponement. Book a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue you can trust completely. For more information, visit Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue Hatton Court Hotel.

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Whether you need it or not depends on how much you have spent on your wedding, how concerned you are about last-minute hiccups or major events and how important your peace of mind is to you.

If you’ve paid for things using your credit card, you’re usually protected under the Consumer Credit Act. This normally includes problems with products or services ordered that constitute a breach of contract, for example, a wedding cake not being delivered.

You might find that your home insurance policy will cover some aspects of your wedding plans and goods. If not, there might be an option for you to extend your cover for that one-off event. You’ll have to decide if a single wedding policy is cheaper than an extension to your existing one.

Every policy varies but most will cover issues like a cancellation or postponement of your wedding or reception due to illness, family bereavement, accident or if a vendor you’ve used goes out of business. Some policies will even cover damage or loss to items such as wedding cakes, rings, flowers, photograph damage and breakdown of wedding cars.

Things that aren’t included are things like honeymoons, but you can take out a separate policy for that or a normal travel insurance policy. Policies won’t cover for a situation you already knew about, if you simply change your mind about the wedding or you cannot afford your plans.

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Calculating how much to insure your wedding for is a trickier affair. It’s a good idea to make a spreadsheet and fill in the figures for actual or projected costs for each item. Don’t forget to include everything, even things that seem small, such as favours, outfits, flowers, stationery and hen and stag celebrations.

It’s also a good idea to include your wedding gifts in the cover as well. The average wedding gift can cost over £50 and if you have almost a hundred guests arriving all bedecked with gifts, you’re looking at thousands of pounds worth of goods.

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