Are you Considering a New Puppy Whilst the Country is on Lockdown?

During this period of time, with the enforced lockdown, we are at home a lot more – many people may be thinking ‘great, this is the perfect time to get a puppy’. If you have always wanted a puppy and you are looking at this as the perfect time, here are a few things that you might want to know first…

It Turns you Life Upside Down – Many people underestimate how much a puppy affects your life. Like bringing a newborn baby home, the effect on your life is huge. You must spend time with your new puppy who will be completely dependent on you to look after it – day and night, and to train and socialise it. Also remember puppies do not come ready trained so you will need to consider how you will train them and puppy proof your house.

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Be Careful where you get You Puppy from – When it comes to choosing your puppy, you may already have a specific breed in mind, or you may not have much of an idea at the moment. Do plenty of research as breeds vary greatly in size and personality traits. Make sure that breeds are registered with the Kennel club and have had all the appropriate health checks. A good breeder will be a lifelong friend and a great source of support to you.

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Consider how you will Manage Going Forwards – You may have a lot of time on your hands now, but will you be going back to work and leaving the puppy alone for the day? How will you manage with holidays? How would you like to feed your dog – the Innocent pet stock a wide range of healthy dog treats. How about vets’ bills? It is worth looking into insurance. These are all things that you will have to look into before bringing a new puppy into your life.

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