Amazon and Netflix pick up Oscars

This year’s Oscars marked a turning point for streaming services. At the show, Amazon took home 3 Oscars, while Netflix won an award for The White Helmets.

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Manchester By The Sea

One highly anticipated film of last year was “Manchester By the Sea,” featuring Casey Affleck, widely applauded for his role depicting a man who becomes the guardian of his dead brother’s son, whilst having to battle his own demons. Affleck accepted the award for Best Actor, whilst writer Kenneth Lonergan took home ‘Best Original Screenplay’. The film was awarded multiple other nominations including ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Lucas Hedges and a nod for ‘Best Picture’.

The Salesman

Although not hugely popular with moviegoers before awards night, “The Salesman” was hot news afterwards. The film won the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ award, but the Iranian director behind the movie refused to attend the ceremony to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Get the full story here:

The White Helmets

Netflix had success with The White Helmets, which depicts the struggle of first responders risking their lives to save others in Syria. Orlando von Einsiedel, the director, won ‘Best Documentary Short’ for his film.

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Streaming services picking up these wins means the way movies are produced, distributed and watched is changing rapidly. At film festivals around the US, Netflix and Amazon are now two of the most active buyers. Netflix was the biggest buyer at the Sundance Festival this year, picking up 9 movies, while Amazon purchased 4.

These film industry newcomers are willing to pay big for great content. The industry is at a place where streaming services are willing to pay upwards of $10 million per film, which is great news for the movie industry.

Not every film that picks up a prize at Sundance is going to pick up an Oscar, but with cinema and online streaming distribution via companies such as Amazon and Netflix, they sure are changing the way we watch movies.

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