Post Covid, Staycation Holidays are the Real Deal

When the Covid Pandemic struck the entire World back at the beginning of 2020, no-one could have predicted the amount of loss and devastation it would cause!  Families and friends kept apart and forced to isolate in their own homes, holidays cancelled for two years and travel of any kind forbidden!  Now that the once deadly disease is no longer a threat to life with the continued use of a targeted vaccination programme aimed at the elderly and vulnerable, holidays are once again a priority.  Holidays here in the United Kingdom, (known fondly as Staycations), and multi-generational vacations are especially popular and proving to be the real deal.

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Groups of families and friends are choosing to remain in the Country and holiday together, often travelling in a convoy or cars and trailers.  Having the use of a reliable, practical, versatile, second-hand trailer that’s been lovingly repaired and serviced with several new quality Trailer Parts fitted, is a particularly popular method of transporting all the extra luggage needed for these trips. With generations of adults, several children and animals to account for, several well-maintained trailers are incredibly useful, leaving plenty of room in the vehicles for all the hands, feet, paws and claws.

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Staycations are proving to be the real deal and thousands of families are choosing to enjoy their holidays in the United Kingdom.  Living in this “New Normal”, Post Covid era, the popular family Staycation is here to stay.

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