How to Score an Amazing Internship in College

Scoring an internship in college is important for a number of reasons. For one thing, an internship will round out your curriculum and it will make college more exciting. Also, an internship will open up tons of opportunities for connections and it will increase the probability that you land a job after college. In most industries, you can find internships in various capacities. You may be running errands and getting coffee in the beginning, but you could work your way up to the top. The truth is that you really have to put your all into the internship – even if it doesn’t pay – because you just never know where it will lead. Here is how to score an amazing internship in college.

Boost Your Resume

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your resume is up to snuff. This means that you want to include all of your curricular activity. Moreover, you want to include all of your interests. If your resume isn’t beefed up, it will be difficult to impress some businesses where you are interesting in interning. The more promising and exciting your resume is, the higher your chances are of getting an internship.

How to Score an Amazing Internship in College

Ask for References

Asking for references can help, because it can be a great way to get your foot in the door. In terms of seeking references, you can usually visit a professor or a mentor and ask that person whether he or she knows of an internship. There is a good chance that this person will be able to come up with a list of businesses. Moreover, your professor or mentor can also put a good word in for you.

Tap into Your School’s Resources

Most universities, like Colorado State University – and even some online schools like AU Online – have resources that allow you the opportunity to find internships. Finding them online is as easy as searching for them. If you are on campus, you could tap into the career center’s resources. A career specialist will have connections to a broad span of internship opportunities. A career specialist will also get you ready in terms of boosting your resume and preparing yourself for the interview.

Get Ready for Your Interview

When it comes to etiquette for interns, you should know that you have to dress the part. Moreover, you have to be polite and you have to show initiative. During your interview, you want to show all of these things off, because it will be your final key to securing a promising internship. If you don’t dress the part and if you don’t show that you are motivated, it could harm your chances.

Find Out if it is Paid

On top of everything, you want to find out if there is a budget at your internship. Some small businesses may not pay, but some big businesses offer paid internships. The internships are mostly the same as nonpaying internships – you will still be running errands – but you will have a monetary reward, which can be motivating.

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