Are kitchen islands still on trend?

Kitchen islands are often seen in modern kitchens as they provide a multipurpose space for cooking and socialising. However, due to their size, kitchen islands can take up lots of room, turning into an inconvenience instead.
We’ll cover whether you should add an island to your kitchen below.

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Kitchen Island Advantages

Kitchen islands do have their benefits, as they give you another area which you can use for preparing meals and casual dining. You can also use the island as a surface to work or study on.

Several islands are designed with storage solutions too. You can place kitchen utensils and appliances in the island’s cabinets, which reduces the amount of clutter left on your kitchen’s counters.

Still, despite their positives, kitchen islands are becoming less popular.

Issues With Kitchen Islands

If you’re considering a kitchen refurbishment in Surrey or another UK location, you may have a smaller kitchen. Adding an island, even to medium-sized kitchens, can make the space feel restrictive. Real Homes says that kitchens should be a minimum of 14 square metres to house an island successfully.

An island’s placement also matters as it may impact the kitchen’s functionality. Think about your kitchen’s ‘traffic flow’ and whether an island will affect it. For instance, an island with less space around it makes it harder for people to move through the kitchen.

If you’re having a kitchen refurbishment Surrey, you can contact refurbishment specialists to help you decide whether an island works with your home.

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Should you add a kitchen island?

If you have the space, a kitchen island can be a great addition. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, or you want your home to feel spacious, skip the island and opt for space-saving solutions instead.

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