How to maintain a leased van

Leasing a van is a common way of keeping costs down. If you currently lease a van or are considering it, here are a few handy tips for maintaining a leased van.
External checks/maintenance

Perhaps the most important external element is the tyres. Firstly, you should check the tyre pressure regularly and top it up when needed Secondly, you should keep an eye out for any signs of damage, such as cuts, blisters, and holes. Thirdly, you should occasionally check the remaining tread depth to make sure it is above the legal limit of 1.6mm.

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Other external elements that should be checked regularly include wing mirrors for cracks/clarity, bumpers for scuffs/dents, the windscreen for scratches/chips, and the bodywork in general for chips/scratches/rust. Taking action as soon as you notice anything untoward will ensure you can return the van in good condition.

Under the bonnet checks/maintenance

Weekly checks of oil and coolant are recommended, as are regular checks of transmission fluid and brake fluid. These should all be kept topped up.

Other things that should be checked regularly include the spark plugs, engine air filter, and battery.

Experts in van leasing in Bristol

If you are considering leasing as an option, there are several companies that specialise in van leasing Bristol and the surrounding areas. Many of these will be able to provide advice and offer a range of options.

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Return of the van

When you return the van at the end of the lease, it is important that it looks as good as possible and is in good working order. It can be worth having it deep-cleaned inside and washed properly a few days before you take it back; in addition, a service/check a week or so before is worth considering.

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