Ideas to Liven Up an Empty Wall

Decorating large empty walls can be challenging, but it’s possible. Whether you are redecorating your abode or starting a new one, here are some ideas to get you started.

Adding a decorative fixture, such as a large mirror or a string of fairy lights, can significantly impact the space. These are an excellent way to add flair and whimsy to your space while making a room feel larger. The most popular style is battery-operated, and most are affordable.

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Hanging textiles from the wall is an inexpensive and effective way to add character to your space. A curtain rod or some clip-style rings makes this easy to do. Make sure to choose a fabric that matches your existing decor. Keeping the overall look cohesive is critical. Macrame wall hangings are an attractive way to soften a space. For Macrame Kit options, visit

Another option is to create a feature wall. You can use leftover fabrics to repurpose as a curtain wall design. This will make for an impressive focal point, especially if you are lucky enough to have multiple large walls in your home.

For a long term solution, you can purchase removable decals and find hundreds of patterns to choose from. Of course, you can also cover your wall with a faux brick finish, making your abode more stylish and exciting.

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A small but well-placed tree or plant can breathe life into your abode. Having some greenery in a room will not only be a visually pleasing display, but it will purify the air. There are many options for this wall-based addition, including a plant stand, hooks to hang plants on, and planters to hold your flora and fauna.

Wall art is an easy way to fill a large empty wall. Hanging an oversized print or a series of framed prints on the same wall can add a splash of interest without overwhelming the room. As a bonus, these prints can easily be changed for the seasons.

Using a decorative wood slat or molding to frame a large piece of art is an oldie but a goodie. Using this type of gimmick can instantly transform a room.

A more strategic approach can be to paint your walls boldly to match the rest of the decor, and that’s the best way to avoid a decorating disaster. A pop of colour can bring to life a previously dull, empty space.

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