Students fundraise with 12-hour knitathon – knitting as a sociable hobby

Knitting is often thought of as a solitary pastime, but incorporating a social element can make it much more fun. Up and down the country, beginners and highly experienced knitters will be meeting up at clubs to knit and natter. Many of them will be making items to donate to others, whether that be a hospice, a homeless shelter, or even to send abroad to help those in need.

It is clear that with knitting being such a popular pastime, it can be a great way of meeting other people and bringing communities together. It can also be a great option for elderly people who may feel lonely and need a new purpose. For those who enjoy donating their creations to a worthy cause, the feel-good factor is endless.

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Modern trends.

The face of knitting is changing, however, with youngsters getting on board with the hobby and woollen garments becoming en-vogue once again. It is a relatively simple and cheap hobby to learn and the opportunities for creating unique, personalised garments, is no doubt a major draw for the cool hipsters.

According to the BBC, enterprising students at a Hereford college took part in a charity knitathon, which benefited several charities, including a day centre and hospice. Not only that, but it allowed them to raise vital funds to attend a London graduate show.

Macrame creations

With the knitting fraternity showing no sign of slowing down, it isn’t really surprising that crafty individuals are finding new ways to enjoy yarn. In addition to making jumpers, scarves and hats, people are even making their own homewares. The ever-popular macrame kit makes it easy for beginners to pick up the skill and learn how to make everything from wall coverings to plant hangers. For those with more experience, a homemade table runner, such as those seen here is entirely possible.

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Unsurprisingly, knitting and macrame are popular hobbies in the lead-up to Christmas, with the need for cosiness at an all-time high. Whether making a scarf for yourself or looking to create a homemade gift, a ball of yarn can offer endless options. Many people also enjoy making their own Christmas decorations and adding macrame tree decorations can work perfectly with a neutral, Scandinavian theme. For those with limited space, the entire tree can be handmade from yarn and hung from the wall.

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