Which colours should you use for crochet?

Choosing the right colours is essential to ensure your crafty creations are visually appealing and fit your style. Let’s take a look at five tips to help you select the perfect colours for your crochet work.
1. Inspiration from fashion

Look through your favourite clothing websites or fashion magazines. Your wardrobe reflects your preferred colours, making it a great source of inspiration. Pick shades for crochet projects that complement your style or choose trending seasonal colour combinations.

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2. Social media

Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram and crafting communities provide an array of crochet project ideas. You can explore the work of other crocheters, see what is trending, and gather inspiration for your next project. Pinterest is a treasure trove of colour palettes and crochet patterns. Browse through crochet boards and project ideas to discover harmonious colour combinations. Save your ideas to browse when you are lacking inspiration.

3. Nature’s palette

Nature provides an endless array of colour combinations. Take a walk in the park, explore your garden, or go hiking. Observe the vibrant colours in flowers, leaves and landscapes for unique inspirations. This year, we are seeing a big trend in ocean-inspired pieces.

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4. Visit the paint store

You can draw inspiration from paint swatches to choose complementary or contrasting colours for your crochet projects. Consider looking at a colour wheel and reading about colour theory to learn which shades harmonise. Complementary colours, according to the theory, are pairs of colours that are positioned directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange.

5. Crochet kits

Look at ready-made colour combinations in crochet kits for inspiration. These curated kits provide harmonious and complementary palettes that take the guesswork out of choosing shades. For more ideas, there is a huge range of crochet kits available here.

Incorporating these tips into your creative process will help you select colours that resonate with you. Whether you are working with crochet kits or designing your own patterns, the right colours can really make your creations stand out.

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