8 Backstories About The World Most Famous Brands

When it comes to big brands, we don’t have many thoughts about them in our minds. Before it became as established as it is today, Google was just a plain search box that crawled the internet to bring sites to your device, and it did a good job at that.

Sony was only known to be an audio manufacturer in its early years, and Ford was tough. In this article from online casino websites, we will be looking at some backstories of these famous brands.



Google is now much more than a search engine, it is a leader in almost all industries. But did you know that Google was previously named “Backrub” at some point? Back then, they were planning on naming it “Googol” as in the number, a misspelling, however, gave us the company that’s now motivation for other tech companies.



Known to be one of the most famous secret recipes in the world, and previously filled with cocaine, Coca-Cola was established to bring forth a new way to fight morphine addiction. It was named “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca” and was created by a wounded veteran of the civil war who got hooked on painkillers. Strange.


General Motors

Wouldn’t it be weird if we tell you that General Motors was established, largely, due to fear of cars? General Motors was a horse-drawn carriage company that wished to make safer automobiles to help save lives, as the death rate associated with these vehicles was frighteningly high at the time.



William E. Boeing was known to have purchased a plane just for the fun of it. He cracked it while playing around in the skies, and when he tried getting replacement parts, he was told they would take months to arrive. Thus, he made up his mind to build a better plane made with superior parts and then created to largely established airline maker we know today, just like how some casino for real money was created.



Adolf Dassler, who was named after Adidas, was a famous figure for not only hating his brother, Puma’s founder Rudi Dassler but also people in general. Aside from sharing the same name, Adolf was a famous member of the Nazi party who helped in creating weapons and supplies for Hitler’s military. Following the defeat of the Axis powers, it was said that Adidas was only able to survive having provided Jesse Owens with gear for the Olympics.



Marcel Bich founded “Bich” but ended up dropping off the “H” letter as the English pronunciation sounds insulting. Not everyone wants to carry around a lighter or pen with a name that sounds like “Bich”.



This famous auction platform was previously called “Echo Bay” as it was part of the Echo Bay Technology Group. However, it wasn’t able to get the name EchoBay.com as it was already taken by Echo Bay mining. This led to the advent of eBay.



Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, the Yahoo! characters were created due to the founding duo thinking themselves to be uncouth and unrefined characters. It was going to be named “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”, which is already a sentence.

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