15 smoothies recipes for all tastes and needs

smoothies recipes

A shake or smoothie can easily solve a meal and be an adequate source of nutrients for the body, so today we 15 smoothie recipes for all tastes and needs … Take note!

15 express recipes to add to your diet

If you are looking for quick, nutritious and above all, tasty preparations, here are 15 easy options to add to your diet vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and everything your body needs…

smoothies recipes
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  • Tropical smoothie with turmeric: Very aromatic and tasty, this smoothie is primarily antioxidant, rich in fiber and carotenes, ideal for a snack or as part of a breakfast if accompanied cereal and nuts for example.
  • Spinach and peach smoothie: Full of carotenes and vitamin C, with no added sugar, this green smoothie is a vegan alternative that can accompany a meal or drink very well as a healthy snack mid – morning.
  • Smoothie apple with parsley and mint: Very light and completely vegan, this aromatic smoothie provides calcium from plant sources and large amount of potassium so it can be a good alternative to rehydrate after training.
  • Pumpkin smoothie with protein: Rich in potassium and natural sugars, this smoothie is good choice to add protein powder to your diet. Highly recommended after training if you are looking to hypertrophy.
  • Smoothie peanut butter and strawberry jam: An ideal alternative vegan foodies looking to eat healthier because in this recipe are fiber, vegetable calcium, potassium and good fats to the body.
  • Smoothie red fruit and mango: Very light and rich in antioxidants, this smoothie can be the ideal choice to rehydrate after training or to accompany a sweet snack or meal throughout the day.

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  • Smoothie or milkshake creamy peach and yogurt: Drink in a breakfast and accompany cereal or toast this is a good alternative rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin D and protein satiated.
  • Smoothie of blackberries, kale and spinach: To drink a snack mid – morning or this smoothie full of vitamin C, carotene and fiber is a good option that also takes advantage of seasonal ingredients.
  • Banana and peach smoothie: To refuel and freshen up after a hard training we can develop this simple smoothie that provides potassium, protein, natural sugars, calcium and high water content.
  • Grapefruit and pineapple smoothie: Fresh and moisturizing at all, this smoothie can drink as part of a breakfast if accompanied with cereals for example, or can rehydrate amid intense workday.
  • Smoothie tomato and basil: As original and nutritious snack a meal, we can prepare this easy salty shake that provides potassium, vitamin C and calcium to the body.
  • Smoothie kiwi, avocado and pear: To recharge after training or as a healthy breakfast we can develop this filled smoothie potassium, good fats and antioxidants.
  • Carrot and coconut smoothie: A combination of flavors that will leave you with your mouth open, this smoothie can be served at breakfast or as a snack mid -morning or afternoon snack , offering carotene, fiber, quality protein and calcium.
  • Smoothie mango and pineapple: All tropical flavor in this recipe can find it rich in potassium, calcium and proteins that can easily prepare for breakfast and accompany it with oats and chopped nuts for example.
  • Tofu smoothie with horchata flavor: With good proteins but totally vegan , this smoothie can rehydrate after exercise or in the middle of a long and intense workday.

Here are 15 recipes smoothie to make at home, at any time of day and in a matter of minutes, as you just have to mix ingredients and operate the mixer for processing.

What are you going to try today?

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