Finding out that your partner is cheating on you is devastating and many people who have found themselves in this situation often wonder how long it was going on before the infidelity was noticed. Do you have suspicions but no real evidence or think you’re going mad? Here are some expert opinions on signs to look out for:

Unresponsive for long periods – These days everyone seems glued to their mobile phones. If your partner has previously been quick to respond to your text messages or phone calls but now goes for long periods without reply, it might be time to wonder what’s going on.

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Strange Messages – A message on their phone that makes them smile but it’s not from you and they don’t or won’t tell you is also a cause for concern. It’s not hard evidence though so you’d want a little more to go on before throwing accusations around! For a Private Detective London, visit

Showering or brushing their teeth as soon as they come in – Unless this has always been standard practice, such as a labourer taking a shower because they are genuinely grubby from work, this could flag up as odd behaviour if uncharacteristic.

No longer interested in personal relations – No more romantic energy all of a sudden? This could be a sign of medical issues too, but you’ll want to get to the bottom of this issue if there were no prior reduction in affections.

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An odd change in routine – Is your partner suddenly leaving for the gym at 6am or not coming home from work until late? This could also be a sign that their actions might not be honourable.

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