Our backs work incredibly hard every day helping us to move and keep us upright and there are occasions when we push it too far, or carry something too heavy and problems can occur. A Chiropractor Dublin way such as https://www.chiropractix.ie/ can help to assess any problems that you might have and put a treatment plan in place for you.

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It’s important to think about posture while at work, with a lot of jobs becoming more sedentary these days. For long periods, sitting in a bent posture raises the tension on the spinal discs and makes the back more vulnerable to disc prolapse (slipped disc). Make sure you change your place at least every half an hour and address the possibility of having a stand up desk with others.

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It helps reduce the pressure on the lower back by providing strong core strength. Most people have poor abdominal muscles these days. For strengthening the heart and spinal stabilisers, exercises like Pilates are perfect. With daily practise, posture will improve. Abdominal exercises are also a good way to strengthen the heart without putting too much pressure on the spine, such as planks and side planks.

Be sure to undergo specific manual handling training if work requires lifting or bending. Repetitive bending in the wrong direction can wear out the spinal discs and lead to back pain, even though it does not involve heavy weight.

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