Is it possible to be pregnant and have the rule?


Pregnancy and rule are two natural biological cycles of pretty related although it is not possible to occur at once without consequences.

Menstruation is bleeding which causes the uterus to clean the remains of endometrium when it has not been fertilized. Therefore, pregnancy and rule are incompatible. That is, the body should not be in that state rid of the endometrium.

However, it is true and often, especially during the first 12 weeks of gestation, can produce vaginal bleeding, which, at any time, be confused with the rule.

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Pregnancy and rule, complicated but not impossible!

Once the period is over, it starts again a series of hormonal processes that prepare ovaries for the new cycle. Typically ovulate between days 12 to 14, counting from the first day of bleeding.

But it may be the case that the first phase of the cycle is reduced by several days ahead of ovulation. This is one of the most sensitive to environmental influences and women emotional processes, so it is easy to alter.

If your body precipitates ovulation and produces what is called cervical mucus, you can get pregnant if you had intercourse during the rule. Cervical mucus helps survival and mobility of sperm into the fallopian tubes, where the meeting between the egg and sperm occurs. Do not forget that sperm can survive in the body of the woman up to five days.

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Can you be pregnant and have the rule?

The answer is a definite no. Pregnancy and rule together is not possible. However, there is a 25% of women who have vaginal bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy. Should not be confused with menstruation, because their characteristics are different, and the frequency and root causes.

Bleeding in the first few weeks of pregnancy are light pink, red or dark brown. The discharge is thicker and a little lower than normal length of the menstrual cycle. Moreover, it should not last more than one or two days, since there is a serious risk of losing the baby.

The causes of vaginal bleeding in pregnancy

  • Decidual hemorrhages: It detachment of the membranes of the uterus before the endometrium is completely adhered.
  • It implantation bleeding: Occurs when the egg nests in the uterus. In this case, pregnancy and subsequent rule may occur because the future baby does not reach accommodated.
  • Abortion: The bleeding is more intense red color and may be accompanied by more or less severe abdominal pain. The flow can become very abundant. In this case you should see a doctor immediately.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: Occurs when the zygote does not complete its journey to the uterus and nests in a trunk. The symptoms are very severe abdominal pain and slight bleeding very dark. It is a serious medical emergency. Therefore, you should go to hospital immediately.
  • Other conditions: That have nothing to do directly with pregnancy, such as irritation or cervical polyps cervical canal. In these cases, we cannot talk of joint phenomena of pregnancy and rule.

Remember that pregnancy and rule, strictly speaking, they cannot occur simultaneously. But you can suffer slight vaginal bleeding, especially during the first trimester. Always consult your doctor. You will be tested and determine the seriousness of those spots.

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