Alkalizing remedies to deal with heartburn

Deal with heartburn

Most people have a pH too much acid in our body, not just those suffering from gastric hyperacidity. A little balanced diet, pollution and stress are just some of the factors that acidify our body.

In this article we propose natural remedies for alkalizing your body daily and prevent aging and health problems in general.

The perfect pH

In fact, our body needs balanced levels of alkalinity and acidity. For this reason, we cannot say that heartburn is always bad because, for example, in the stomach, the acids are needed to properly digest food. A lack of acidity carries important digestive problems.

Deal with heartburn
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What happens is that currently we are predisposed to higher acidity, which is related to the risk of disease and premature aging.

These are the factors that increase our levels of acidity:

  • Poor diet or poor absorption of food for health reasons.
  • Toxic habits such as snuff and alcohol.
  • Stress and negative emotions.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Life in the cities and in contaminated environments.

For this reason we must try to increase consumption of alkalizing foods to find the right balance.


This vegetable is highly alkalizing refreshing and also has a very mild flavor that blends perfectly with salads and vegetable juices. Cucumber is very moisturizing, has cleansing properties and is excellent to consume diets.


The broccoli is being investigated in recent years thanks to its anti – cancer and rejuvenating properties. In this article we take a reason to consume it: It’s very alkalizing. To benefit from their properties must cook very little time, so keep their green color and slightly crunchy texture. If you have trouble consuming so you can crush and eat later in cream sauce or accompaniment.


Asparagus is a delicacy in many cultures and also are one of the best food we have to fight heartburn. We recommend that you consume fresh asparagus, which are what keep its properties intact. You can cook on the grill. They are the perfect garnish for any dish of meat or fish.

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Raw and unsalted, besides being a delicious dried fruit, almonds alkalizing properties contain nutrients that balance the acidity of our body.

Besides eating them directly, you can draw drink almond as a substitute for cow’s milk. Ground almonds you about is ideal for recipes include cakes and pastries like flour.


The stevia is not only alkalizing, but also helps us avoid white sugar, which is one of the most acidifying products for our body. Although it has a strong flavor similar to licorice, we suggest you start including it in your lemonades, juices and teas. Gradually accustom your palate and you never want to do without this medical food.


Still many people are surprised that a citric acid such as lemon recommended in alkalizing therapies. But it is that lemon has the amazing quality of neutralizing the acid once it reaches the stomach, without altering gastric pH. So traditionally it has taken a bit of lemon juice when we’ve eaten too much. Start taking water with lemon fasting and without food and, before long, you’ll notice a big improvement.


This tropical fruit has a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and fatty acids that make it a very complete food. In addition, it digested very well and alkaline our body.

Try it alone, sweet or savory, or added to smoothies, creams and sauces, and do not worry about the calories because avocado beneficial fats do not cause overweight, but rather help us to control it.

Beware of acidifying

It is so important to consume alkalizing foods and avoid those that acidify us too much. These are the foods you should eliminate or limit in your diet:

  • White bread.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Colas and sodas.
  • White sugar.
  • Red meat and sausage.

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