Double glazing can be a great investment for your home. It will lower the cost of your energy bills, reduce outside noise and help to keep the house warmer.

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If you want to buy double glazing, it can be useful to use a few tips and tricks to help lower the costs. After all, new windows can be pretty expensive.

If you’re ready for new windows, here’s how to save money when you’re buying double glazing.

Buy at the Right Time

The best time to buy double glazing is in December, as this tends to be a fairly quiet time for double glazing companies.

Try Negotiating

If you are replacing all of the windows in your house, you may be able to get discounts and deals – especially if you have a conservatory – so ask your installer if there are any discounts available to you.

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Be Wary of Free Things

Some companies offer deals like free installation or no VAT, but it is important to be aware that you will still be paying the costs somewhere. They could be built into the cost of the windows or the cost of the installation, so you should compare the prices to those from another company to find out if they are actually saving you any money.

Be Wary of Reps

Some salespeople are great at their jobs, but others can be very pushy, putting you under pressure to buy windows from them. If you feel that a salesperson is being pushy, avoid buying from them as it is likely that they are trying to push the sale so they can make commission rather than actually trying to find windows that are a good fit for your home.

Choose High-Quality Windows

One of the best ways to get your money back with double glazing is to buy high-quality windows that help to insulate your house, as this will significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills. All windows are rated from A to C, with A being the best, so if you can afford A it will be worth the cost as you will soon see a return.